The World’s Most Valuable Pez Dispensers

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Vintage NO FEET Pez

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Shop for-and learn about-Vintage Pez Dispensers. PEZ was invented in in Vienna, Austria, as a peppermint flavored breath mint. At first, the candy was.

In general, patent numbers can give an indication but not a definitive date as to when a dispenser was produced. Left over stems can be used for years, being added to newer heads and likewise, older, left over heads can sometimes be placed on newer stems. Typically, collectors do not use all 7 digits of the patent number, only the first two numbers are referred to, so the original 2,, is simply referred to as a 2.

Patent 3,, issued in described as a Dispensing Device for tablets U. Patent 3,, issued in described as a Spring cage for use in a tablet dispensing receptacle U. Patent 3,, issued in described as a Tablet dispensing receptacle U.

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The counter display box features a city skyline against a background of stars with red and white stripes at the bottom, suggesting perhaps the American flag. These Pez Heroes represent some of our fine, hardworking professions that keep us healthy and safe! The Heroes are reminiscent of the Emergency Hero pez, but the new Hero pez lack the finer details and are less realistic than the previous Emergency Hero release.

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You may be surprised by the vibrancy of the collecting scene that has grown around those tiny flavoured sweets. In the case of PEZ dispensers, you simply would not believe just how much is out there and how many communities exist that revolve around the novelty toys. PEZ dates back to the late s when the brand first emerged as a peppermint sweet in Vienna, Austria. Its creator Eduard Haas originally made PEZ using family baking products and initially stored them in small tins.

The idea was both to keep the sweets fresh and clean, and also to sell them as an aid to smoking cessation — hence the decision to make early designs look like cigarette lighters. It took just three years for the dispensers to adopt a lighter tone and start including character likenesses such as Popeye and Mickey Mouse. It was also around this time that alternative flavours were introduced, alongside PEZ vending machines starting to appear in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

PEZ went on to become so popular in the West, and in America in particular, that the company established its own US manufacturing plant in the s. By the first collector conventions began. There have been an estimated 1, unique PEZ dispenser designs over the years, meaning collectors have a lot of entry points when trying to figure out how to get started. Those who do opt to collect older dispensers may be well advised to leave them in their original packaging as this both protects them and increases value.

Some people, however, will argue that the real joy of the PEZ is the in-hand experience. Also be cautious of repaired dispensers.

What Does PEZ Mean?

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PEZ Colonel Sanders candy dispenser featuring his famous white hair and “​PEZ dispensers are as iconic as the Colonel and his signature white suit,” The five times weekly e-newsletter that keeps you up-to-date on the.

From its operations in New York City, Pez invented a new type of dispenser — a space gun that shot out well, more like plopped out Pez candies in The following year, someone had the bright idea to pop plastic heads on the dispensers. Licensing opportunities, with Popeye as the first, were basically licenses to print money.

From there, the rest was history. Hundreds of unique Pez dispensers have been produced, with thousands of variations, and some of these tiny little plastic boxes are worth a small fortune. We combed through the Pez Price Guide and other sources to find the 32 most expensive Pez dispensers in the world. So check your attics and basements — you might own a Pez dispenser that can make a Pezhead dispense some serious cash.

Dispenser Archive

The events will run from a. However, among the thousands of Pez dispensers offered for sale at the event launched in , vendors will be offering some rare and pricey dispensers from the year history of the company. Marcus Schneck mschneck pennlive. All things Pez. In addition to wall-to-wall dispensers, Pezylvania will feature games, a Halloween costume contest, a silent auction and charity raffles. Early s.

: PEZ Vintage Wolfman Dispenser s Werewolf Austria Universal Monsters Monster Candy Date First Available, December 8,

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Pez fans gather for annual Pezylvania celebration: What is a 1985 Batman worth?

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Vintage Dispensers: A dispenser that was most likely produced prior to , vintage PEZ dispensers are identified by their lack of “feet,” but still having a.

Kelly Lafferty Gerber Kokomo Tribune. The year-old Converse resident has been obsessed with the iconic candy dispensers since she was 15 years old. And that obsession has led to a sprawling collection, ranging from the vintage to the peculiar. Today, Howard has PEZ dispensers. Some date back decades. Others were made in the last few years. There are the traditional ones, with the heads of Disney and Marvel characters propped on top of the colorful plastic containers. And then there are the wild ones.

Some stand nearly a foot tall and talk when you open them. Others look like semi-trucks or stuffed animals.

The untold truth of PEZ candy

This time they have added PEZ to the partnership with a limited-edition Pop! PEZ Colonel Sanders candy dispenser featuring his famous white hair and signature glasses. The Colonel Sanders Pop! PEZ is sure to be the hottest treat this Halloween season.

The Sweets in the Pez Head Packs are ‘Out of Date’ Large Choice of Character Figures. Packs of 8 Pez Refills – Fruit Mix are available as an additional item and​.

Invented in in Austria, Pez candy could have easily been mistaken for a digestive tablet. Thus their trademark packaging became an icon and indicator, the Pez dispenser. The packaging became more popular and part of pop culture than the candy itself, to the point where there are collectors who would pay a pretty penny just for a vintage dispenser. There are even Pez gatherings, like conventions such as Pez-a-Mania which has gone on in Ohio since What makes them so popular and neat is that there are hundreds of them depicting different characters and designs.

There are Disney Pez, sports Pez, and more! As you will find in this list, the company has its foot on the gas and do not plan to touch the break anytime soon.

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